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5 fresh desserts from the Middle East and North Africa to beat the heat!

Egyptian pudding, Tunisian cream dessert, or Lebanese ice cream, discover a farandole of desserts from the Middle East and North Africa, to be enjoyed cold! Gourmet recipes rich in flavors, ideal to refresh and enjoy.

1 – Mahalabiya, the pudding from Egypt



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Particularly popular in summer, mahalabiya is a kind of Egyptian panna cotta made with milk, cornstarch, sugar and rose water (or orange blossom). Easy to make, it can be prepared in just a few minutes and eaten cold, of course! It is a dessert that you can customize according to your tastes or desires. Rose petals, pistachio slivers or red fruits, let your imagination run wild!

2 – The assida zgougou, cream dessert from Tunisia


Made from seeds of Aleppo pine, the assida zgougou is a cream dessert rich in dried fruit, very popular in Tunisia. It is prepared during the Mawlid An-Nabawi – Muslim festival commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohamed – but nothing prevents you from succumbing to it in the middle of summer. Quite technical, this typically Tunisian dessert requires two creams: one with vanilla, the other with zgougou (pine seeds). A real delight when it comes out of the fridge!

3 – Achta, Lebanese ice cream with orange blossom



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If you have an ice cream maker, go to the kitchen to make the most emblematic ice cream of Lebanon: the achta. An ice cream made with milk, cream, orange blossom, sugar, gum arabic, corn starch and a few crushed pistachios to decorate the whole. A fragrant and refreshing dessert.

4 – The mhalbi, Algerian dessert



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A very common dessert in Algeria, the mhalbi is a dessert that can be found on every table on Ramadan evenings. Similar to mahalabiya, it is made of milk, rice powder, almond powder, sugar and orange blossom water. A base that you can then decorate as you wish, with seasonal fruits, dried fruits and even jelly. To be enjoyed chilled, of course!

5 – Bouza, Tunisian hazelnut cream

In the tradition of oriental cream desserts, bouza is a Tunisian specialty made with hazelnut paste. Very greedy, we add to it milk, sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon. The cream, brought to boil, is then distributed in verrines that you let cool in the refrigerator. All you have to do is decorate it with the dried fruits of your choice!

Published on 27 July 2022



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