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5 inspiring women from the United Arab Emirates

  For the past few years, in parallel with the strong economic growth of the United Arab Emirates, a new dynamic has been taking place. That of the rise in power of women. Whether they are ministers, pilots or businesswomen, they all seek to change the world. Here are 5 inspiring women from the United Arab Emirates.

1 – Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of Tolerance

“Brilliant”, “ambitious”, “pioneer”, “special”… Here is an overview of the words that come out in the press to talk about Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi. And for good reason: in 2004, she was the first woman to hold a ministerial position in her country in Dubai. A few years later, in 2016, she was given a new mission. That of being Minister of State for Tolerance. A devalued function? Sheika Lubna Al Qasimi retorts: “Not at all. It is a strategic position in the current context. It requires diplomacy and a good knowledge of the other world to dialogue between nations and religions.” Ranking 42nd in the famous Forbes ranking in 2015, the min ister today represents a hand outstretched to the West. 


2 – Mariam Al Mansouri, fighter pilot


Since her adolescence, Mariam Al Mansouri wanted to become a pilot in the army. Successful bet for the young woman, who in 2014, found herself leading the air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State. Determined, Mariam Al Mansouri worked for several years at the General Staff, before joining the Air Force Academy and graduating in 2007. Since then, she has worked hard to reach the highest level and establish her legitimacy. Currently, Mariam Al Mansouri continues to play a major role in the fight against the EI. A great example of an inspiring woman from the United Arab Emirates.


3 – Reem Al Hashimy, Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai


Among the most inspiring women of the United Arab Emirates is also Reem Al Hashimy. A native of Dubai, she has held a number of senior positions since her first ministerial appointment in 2008. She is known to have played a major role in the UAE’s bid to host the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. At the same time, Reem Al Hashimy is the president of Dubai Cares. A charity organization aiming to improve access to education. 


4 – Noura Al Kaabi, minister and businesswoman

Noura Al Kaabi is one of the “50 people who contribute to change the world” according to the Nouvel Observateur. Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, she promotes measures to preserve heritage, especially in conflict zones. On all fronts, she participates, more globally, in the influence of the cultural and artistic sphere of the United Arab Emirates. 


5 – Sarah Al-Amiri, President of the UAE Space Agency

Sarah Al-Amiri’s childhood dream has come true. Already as a child, the young woman had a passion for space. In her room in Abu Dhabi, she was captivated by the stars, but also “by the ways in which scientists explore them […]” An engineer, Sarah Al-Amiri is now the director of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency. In February 2021, she was leading the Hope project, a probe sent to the orbit of Mars.