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5 reasons to travel to Jordan

A land of history in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is a true gem combining historical sites, colorful landscapes and delicious cuisine. Not to mention a worldwide reputation linked to the beauty of its lost city, Petra. If you are still hesitating, Kawa News gives you 5 reasons to go to Jordan. Let's go!

1 – Discover Petra, a breathtaking archaeological site

Visiting Petra is THE number one reason to go on a trip to Jordan. It is impossible to miss this archaeological city carved out of the rock. During the visit, majestic temples and tombs are revealed and fascinate the visitors. The most famous monument? The Nabatean tomb Al Khazneh (“The Treasure”), 43 meters high, with its majestic fa├žade.

2 – Bathing in the Dead Sea

Bathing in the Dead Sea is something you should do at least once in your life! And for good reason, this vast expanse of water is the saltiest in the world, offering an incredible feeling of weightlessness. In fact, it is almost impossible to swim in it, since your body automatically floats. To get there from Jordan, head to Sweimah, a place located north of the Dead Sea. There, you can choose between the private beaches of the hotels or the public beach for your swim.

3 – Explore the wadis

“Wadi” is an Arabic word that means “valley”. In Jordan, these valleys are like canyons, with sand dunes, natural pools and lush vegetation. The Dana Nature Reserve, for example, located in Wadi al Ghuweir, has about 500 species of plants, including cypress, pine and pistachio trees. Other wadis, such as Hammamat Ma’in, are famous for their mineral-rich hot springs that are good for the skin. A good reason to go on a trip to Jordan, isn’t it?

4 – Visit the old cities of Amman and Jerash

The capital of Jordan since 1921, Amman is a thousand-year-old city with more than 2 million inhabitants. It is a city of Roman remains, trendy cafes, beautiful mosques and traditional markets. Further north, a 50-minute drive away, you should also plan a stop in Jerash. This city, nicknamed the “Pompeii of the Middle East”, is home to an ancient Roman city of columns, arches and arenas. Striking!

5 – Taste Jordanian cuisine

Amman, illustration vie quotidienne, animation dans un cafe, avec vue panoramique sur la ville

Traveling to Jordan is all about awakening your senses, especially your taste buds. So what is the must eat specialty? The mansaf! A national dish, it consists of lamb cooked in fermented yogurt, rice and pine nuts. A delicious dish. In Jordan, you will also find all the dishes from the Levantine cuisine: the famous mezzes, grilled meats, maklouba and of course, the delicious oriental pastries made of puff pastry, dried fruits and honey. Enjoy your meal!