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5 restaurants to try in Lebanon

Between freshly caught fish, grilled meats and succulent mezze, Lebanese cuisine has everything to please! As long as you find good places that care about the quality and freshness of the products. So where to eat in the land of the cedar? Kawa has found for you 5 restaurants to do in Lebanon.

1 – Liza and its modern cuisine in Beirut

Want to taste Lebanese specialties, with a touch of modernity? Head to Liza, in the district of Achrafieh in Beirut. A restaurant which, in addition to being good, has the particularity of being nestled in the heart of a traditional Beirut house. You can taste eggplant puree, hummus with sesame cream, lamb confit or a selection of grilled meats. All in a chic and friendly atmosphere. Good news for Parisians, you can find this address in the 2nd district!

Liza, Doumani Street, trabaud, achrafieh, Beirut

2 – Georges Maalouf Kitchen in Batroun

In the north of the country, in the old town of Batroun, an address is making the news: Georges Maalouf Kitchen. Although it doesn’t look like much, it offers tasty sandwiches with octopus and grilled fish, but also seafood to be enjoyed on the spot or by the water. The opinions are unanimous: everything is fresh and delicious! So a piece of advice, don’t let yourself be destabilized by the old-fashioned side of the shop window and go through the door. You won’t be disappointed!

Georges Maalouf Kitchen, 7M45+HRH, Batroun

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3 – The Fishing Club, legendary restaurant in Byblos

The Fishing Club is an institution in Lebanon. And for good reason, this restaurant is known for its owner, Pepe Abed, who passed away in 2005. Both an actor and a restaurateur, he was a friend of the stars. Today, the place is taken over by his family, which maintains its mythical aura. Charming and authentic, the restaurant has a beautiful terrace decorated with fishing nets, from which you can see the old port. On the menu? Fish and mezze of course!

Fishing Club, Byblos Port

4 – Mounir in Beit Meri, the best restaurant in the region

If Mounir restaurant is a great success, it is because it offers traditional and local cuisine at reasonable prices. Their specialty? The ouzi. A dish based on lamb meat cooked very slowly, served with fragrant rice. In addition to its high quality dishes, the place has a large terrace with a view of the coastline and a playground for children. As you can see, Mounir is a must-visit restaurant in Lebanon!

Mounir, El Metn, Broumana

5 – Chez Minos in Tripoli for delicious fish mezze

In El Mina, a coastal city of Tripoli, is Chez Minos, a small restaurant run by a former Greek-Lebanese sailor. Housed in a 300 year old Ottoman house, the place has a unique rustic decor. You can enjoy the fish of the day grilled over a wood fire, sometimes caught by the manager himself! Other original recipes make up the menu, such as fish with tahini or fried fish roe fritters. Divine.

Chez Minos, El Mina, Tripoli

Published on 15 June 2022