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5 series to watch during Ramadan 2019

Ramadan also means new television series. Every year during this sacred month, a selection of programs produced in Egypt, Lebanon and the Gulf countries appear on our screens.

1. Kalabsh 3 – The most animated

Action, action, action…. With this third installment of the successful Kalabsh series, your Ramadan 2019 is likely to be hectic. In this new season, fans will follow Amir, played by Selim Al Ansari, in his fight for justice against corruption.

2. Hekayti – The most passionate

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Much awaited by fans, the Hekayti series marks the big comeback on Yasmin Sabri’s small screen. While little information has been revealed about the first stages of the series, one thing is certain: the casting is very promising, with Ahmed Hatem at the head of the bill alongside the beautiful Egyptian, Ahmed Hatem.

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3. Zelzal – The most devastating

Mohamed Ramadan is back with a new series whose event takes place in 1992, when a devastating earthquake struck Egypt. The series will also mark Hala Shiha’s great comeback after her long 12-year break.

4. Hogan – The most heroic

Between comedy and action, our hearts could swing. The series Hogan, played by the actor Mohamed Emam, follows the character Hogan, a man with superhuman powers. If it seems that the series will include many action sequences, that fans can rest assured the series will also have many comic scenes.

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5. Zay El-Shams – The most mysterious

Friends or enemies? Throughout this series, spectators will ask themselves this question. The plot is that of a murder, that of Dina’s brother. This lawyer will do everything in her power to find the murderer, but this race to the mystery will lead her without knowing it to her closest circle of friends. The series features a cast of stars, including Ahmed Salah Al-Saadany, Riham Abdul Ghafour, Ahmed Dawood, Sawsan Badr and the young talent Ahmed Malek

Published on 6 May 2019