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5 unusual activities to do in Lebanon

Grunge style photo of a street in Beirut, old damaged construction, covered with walls of graffiti, urban photography

Halfway between East and West, Lebanon is known for its breathtaking landscapes and historical remains, an incredible heritage that extends over 10,452 km², to be discovered around unusual activities. Aerial sport, underground visit or swimming in the river, here are 5 original ways to explore Lebanon.

 Paragliding in Jounieh

To enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Jounieh and the Mediterranean Sea, there is the cable car, but not only! Those who love thrills can go paragliding to admire the bay. Head for Harissa village, where a station welcomes you with its professional instructors. After careful preparation, the flight takes about 20 minutes. Enjoy an unforgettable moment where time seems to be suspended. A word of advice: book your flight 48 hours in advance!

Discover the Jeita cave

Jeita Cave is located in the historic Nahr el Kelb Valley, 18 km north of Beirut. A prehistoric relic, the site was almost selected as one of UNESCO’s seven natural wonders. And for good reason, he marvels at the surprising stalactites and the crystal blue of its underground river. The atmosphere is mysterious, thanks to the well thought-out lighting effects. Take a journey into the depths of the earth out of the ordinary.

Skiing in Mzaar Kfardebian

At only an hour away from the capital, the Mzaar Kfardebian ski area has about 80 km of slopes which is a true delight for ski enthusiasts! The higher you climb, the more breathtaking the setting becomes. On a clear day, Beirut and the surrounding coastal cities take shape. Not to mention the impressive view of the Bekka plain. As you will have understood, the Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort awakens all the senses.

Immerse yourself in Beirut’s street art

It’s Impossible to get to Lebanon, without making a stop in Beirut. The Lebanese capital, mixing modernity, traditions and stigmas of war, sees a multitude of colourful frescoes blooming on its walls, an intelligent street art, whose objective is to sweep away a past that is too painful. The colourful works, bringing hope and optimism, are present in several parts of the city.

Se baigner dans la rivière de Baakline

South-east of Beirut, the Chouf mountainous region is home to spectacular waterfalls and waterfalls. The most famous, called “Paradise”, is located in the picturesque village of Baakline. A haven of peace worthy of a tropical landscape, where you can swim, contemplate the beauty of the place and even jump from the top of the waterfall.