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5 ways to do Dubai Food Festival differently

The 2020 edition of the Dubai Food Festival is almost upon us, celebrating gastronomy in a city wide event, gathering locals around their favorite restaurants, street food vendors and chefs. In addition to the excellent but classical dining experiences promoted, this celebration of food also presents the opportunity for more unusual activities.

In efforts to provide you with alternatives from the more expected Dubai Restaurant Week, where the most sought after restaurants are made more accessible, we have highlighted five “Foodie Experiences” which are limited-time events presenting unexpected ways to appreciate the city’s cultural dynamism.


1. Venture away from the city to live a real Bedouin culinary adventure.

If you are looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, this holistic journey into the world of the Bedouins at the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve will certainly be a change of scenery. 

Learning and tasting authentic Middle Eastern cuisine will delight your taste buds and stimulate your neurons.

In under an hour drive from the city,  you will be immersed into dreamy landscapes where you will learn and cook authentic recipes and have an aromatic masterclass about Arabic coffee.  

You will have a chance to further learn about the culture through a falconry demonstration, or attend a talk tracing back how desert dwellers hunted their food.  If you’re feeling like relaxing you can also try your hand at some henna art. 

To top it all off you will be served a traditional meal followed by impressive Bedouin performances.


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2: Keep your hands busy at Zhen Wei’s Chinese cooking class

Have you ever wondered how to make those delicious dim sum you crave so often? The Zhen Wei restaurant at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai can show you how, with their masterclass. 

To start, you will be given the tools to tackle the intricate art of making dim sums, and their many varieties, then learn how to concoct the perfect hand-pulled noodles, black tea-smoked sea bass, kalbi-spiced BBQ short ribs and mouth watering sweet treats like Cantonese papaya puffs and sweet hive-style brown cakes.

After some serious work, you will be invited to take a seat at the table and revel in your exquisite hand-made meal.


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3.  Immerse yourself into the streets of Old Dubai with this food and photography tour

If you love getting creative with you camera, and indulging in good eats: this is the activity for you.

Moving through the less visited trails of Old Dubai, you will eat your way through hidden culinary gems in the colorful city’s streets of Naif.

The best way to best explore the underrated parts of the city is by foot, where life is slower and around every corner life is unfolding in a beautifully photogenic way.

The experience is open to participants aged 18 years and older, who are able to walk at a steady pace for up to five hours.


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4. Take the healthy route by touring and dining at the Emirates Bio Farm


If you are a health-conscious food lover, the tour of the Emirates Bio Farm is a fun way to taste fresh produce. 

You will be welcomed with drinks, followed by a tasting tour in the fields and a five course vegetarian farm-to-table dining experience. 

After sampling the bright flavours of the fresh organic produce around the farm., you will get the chance to learn about new eco-friendly practices which make the harvest both sustainable and delectable. 


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5. Uncover the mystery dinner with a trail of clues

If you’re looking for a twist to the usual dining experience, you will not be disappointed by this thrilling murder mystery dinner at the Paramount Hotel.

The scene is initially set in New York City during the Roaring Twenties, leading all the way to the Dubai of a century later.

You will find carefully arranged clues scattered around the venue, just the platters of international food you will feast on. A few bites in, and you’ll get a taste of how to follow the trail of this intriguing journey.

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Published on 21 February 2020