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65 sea turtles released at sea in the U.A.E

On 16 June, on the occasion of World Sea Turtle Day, sixty-five of them were reintroduced into their natural environment: the sea. An event that is part of the Emirati wildlife preservation policy and which Sheikh Hamdan bin-Mohammed, a lover of scaly animals, obviously attended.

Make sea turtles wild again!

How can we honour the precious wildlife of sea turtles on their International Day? Undoubtedly,  this is the question that the leaders of the Jumeirah Group in Dubai must have asked themselves. To say the least, a unique decision has been taken.

 In total, the group decided to release 65 sea turtles into their natural environment. An initiative that links directly within the framework of the Dubai turtle rehabilitation project. These are 45 adult turtles, supplemented by 20 other very young turtles coming directly from the Jebel Ali Reserve of the Emirates Marine Environmental Group.



As a nature lover, the Emirati Sheikh Hamdan bin-Mohammed has obviously been a spokesperson for this initiative. In a content published on his Instagram account, the Prince explains the objectives of this initiative and his commitment to the preservation of animal species present on the soil and in the Emirati waters.

Turtle conservation: a national priority in the U.A.E. 

Before being released, the marine reptiles were pampered by members of the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. Each of the 45 rehabilitated turtles has spent the last few months being treated for various ailments they may have suffered in their natural environment, including plastic ingestion or injuries requiring surgery.


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“The rehabilitation process begins with intensive care at the Burj Al Arab facility and then continues in the sea turtle rehabilitation lagoon, where the turtles acclimatise to the environmental conditions and get fit before being released back into the wild,” said the project’s director of aquarium operations.


Their rehabilitation is part of the three-year national action plan for the conservation of marine turtles in the UAE. Launched by the Ministry of the Environment, this plan aims to accelerate the adoption of laws to protect turtles. Since its launch in 2004, the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project has brought more than 1,900 turtles to the Arabian Gulf.

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Published on 17 June 2020


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