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A digital platform for composers in Lebanon

The Lebanese Living Composers’ Channel (LLCC) is a new initiative launched by Lebanese musician and composer Wadji Abou Diab. It aims at promoting Lebanese composers of art music and their works on digital platforms.

Art music is the general term given to all classical music from around the world. And in the context of the LLCC, art music focuses exclusively on the Lebanese musical “style”. This project is above all an invitation to the country’s musicians to share their scores and performances in video format. LLCC has developed its own YouTube channel for this purpose and shares content on Facebook and Instagram. This digital project promotes Lebanon’s artistic heritage worldwide and offers local and international visibility.

Lebanon’s richness united under one banner

The project also has a social scope whose objective is to bring together several generations of composers, and thus allow them to discover and exchange on their works. Indeed, Lebanese music results from a wide linguistic, cultural and religious spectrum, representative of a country of great diversity. In other words, LLCC exists to make the general public (re)discover the beauty and diversity of Lebanese music, through a modern communication.

”Lebanon is a country of culture, art and music, and Lebanese artists whose creativity is often abundant deserve to be known worldwide but also by their compatriots.”

Wadji Abou Diab.

Neither the pandemic nor the explosion of the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 will have prevented these artists from meeting, without discrimination of musical genre or language. And LLCC keeps on producing new albums!


“Majnoun Layla” is a suite of 6 piano movements, released by LLCC in October 2020 and available on all major online music platforms.


Growing popularity

The first phase of the LLCC project took place from October to December, presenting 24 musical pieces composed by 12 artists. A second phase will feature 12 new composers. For the moment, four seasons are planned on the Youtube channel of the collective, but the numerous applications to participate show that the popularity of the project is gaining ground, and announces a promising continuation… Case to follow!


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Published on 28 January 2022