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A double victory in the ring for Moroccan boxer Hassan Nourdine

The Italian boxer of Moroccan origin, Hassan Nourdine, proudly won the title of Italian boxing champion in the super-feather category, after beating his opponent with a Nazi tattoo. A controversial duel and a critical opinion of the Italian boxing federation, judged too lax for having allowed a neo-Nazi boxer to participate in an official fight.

A double symbolic victory for the Moroccan boxer

Hassan Nourdine, 34 years old and Moroccan of origin, moved to Italy with his parents when he was a child, and it is in this country of heart that he will succeed in knocking out Michele Broili, then 29 years old, during the fight held in the Italian city of Trieste on Sunday.

But this success is double for the boxer who confides “I can’t deny that beating someone with these tattoos is a more beautiful victory”. Indeed, one only has to watch the fight to detect multiple neo-Nazi and fascist symbols on his opponent’s chest, including the Celtic cross but also the number 88, used by neo-Nazis to allude to the phrase “Heil Hitler”.

Broili’s tattoos were just one aspect of the countless neo-Nazi references on that night of fighting. Indeed, even before he entered the ring, his fans were reportedly singing Nazi songs and exchanging fascist salutes, with the boxer also giving this salute to his team and staff before the match.

All our winner had to do was see that incendiary ink to give him even more energy and will to win the fight. “Seeing Broili’s tattoos glorifying Nazism disgusted me,” he said.

Italian Boxing Federation (IBF) criticised

The Italian Boxing Federation (IBF) has been heavily criticised for allowing Broili to compete. Hassan Nourdine stressed the seriousness of the facts. They should have realised that this boxer had certain leanings, as incitement to hatred is punishable by law,” he said. “You must make young people understand that these are dangerous messages. You have to remind them that these symbols encouraged genocide“.

Eventually the federation acknowledged its mistake and condemned the tattoos, saying it was considering sanctions against Broili.