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A film shot in the United Arab Emirates presented at the Venice Film Festival

Every year in September, the Venice Film Festival takes place for about ten days, rewarding international films. This year, Saudi director Shahad Ameen is presenting her arthouse film “Sayidat Al-Bahr” for the first time as part of the Venice Critics’ Week competition.

Known for her short film “Eye & Mermaid“, presented for the first time at the Dubai Film Festival in 2013, Saudi director and filmmaker Shahad Ameen is competing this year at the Venice Film Festival with “Sayidat Al-Bahr“, as part of the Venice Critics’ Week competition.

From August 28 to September 7, the public will be able to discover this art and essay film shot entirely in the United Arab Emirates by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and featuring actors Basima Hajjar, Ashraf Barhom and Fatima Al-Taei, known for her role in the Netflix series “Justice”.

Sayidat Al-Bahr, an allegory on a universal theme

Described by its director as an artistic commentary on patriarchal societies, “Sayidat Al-Bahr” tells the story of Hayat, a young girl who lives in a village where girls are traditionally sacrificed to sea creatures living in the mountains but who will decide to break with this tradition and chart her own course.

“Sayidat Al-Bahr” tells a visceral story about growing up as a woman in a patriarchal society, offering an allegorical approach on a universal theme that will resonate with audiences around the world”


More than just a competition, the Venice Film Festival has been one of the most important film festivals in the world since its creation in 1932 and a real testing ground for Oscar candidates.

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Published on 23 July 2019


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