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A hologram of Umm Khaltoum played at the Dubai Opera House

She transcended the crowds during her lifetime, and she continues to do so posthumously and virtually today. The Egyptian diva Umm Khultum, who has been dead for 40 years, gave a most unusual performance at the end of December at the Dubai Opera House: by means of a hologram.

It was earlier this year, in Saudi Arabia, in AlUla, as part of the Winter at Tantora festival, that the hologram performed for the first time. It was then the first holographic concert in the Arab world. Given the success of the performance, the organizers and producers decided to repeat, this time at the Dubai Opera House, on December 26 and 27.

Some might think that the production and the singer’s entourage are trying to make the most of past glory. But for the family of Umm Khultum, it is above all a question of authenticity. In fact, as soon as the show does justice to his image and talent, the family gives the green light.

Motion capture

In order to create the hologram, the Egyptian actress Sabreen, who has already played the diva in the past, was called upon. She had to recreate the stage movements, which were then modeled by an international team of technicians.

In a concert lasting more than an hour, spectators were able to rediscover classics by Umm Khultum such as Alf Leila Wa Leila, or Onta Omri. When’s the international tour?

Published on 9 January 2020


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