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A “Jeddah Season” to promote tourism in the costal city

Since, by royal decree, tourists have been allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia with e-visas, the regions have been seeking to boost their attractiveness. For the sake of equality, it was agreed that each, in turn, should benefit from a dedicated “season”, so that it can be promoted. The Jeddah season has just begun…

“Place the city on the world tourism map”


The underlying idea of this program of seasonal promotion of regions (or events) seems to be avoiding tourist competition between the cities of the kingdom. Indeed, the general supervisor of the “Jeddah Season”, Raed Abuzinada, told a press conference: “Jeddah is a gateway to Mecca and Medina, and pilgrims don’t stay very long. We want to send them the message to stay longer, and place the city on the world tourism map.


Thus, from June 8 to July 18, it is the turn of the city of Jeddah to put on its most beautiful clothes in order to seduce tourists from all over the world. On the program, the most varied attractions possible, so that everyone, whatever their passion, can find their way around.


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Enchanting music lovers


Music lovers will have the opportunity to attend concerts by Saudi Mohammed Abdo, Emirati Ahlam, Egypt’s Amr Diab, Mohammed Hamaqi, or Lebanese Nancy Ajram and Wael Jassar. For those who wish to attend less traditional shows, the K-Pop group Super Junior will give its first performance in the kingdom.


Delighting the gourmands


As for gastronomy, some well-known brands will be present: Nobu, Zuma, Scalini, Signor Sassi, or the now famous Nusr-Et, the Turkish steakhouse that houses the whimsical Salt Bae. Ephemeral versions of well-known restaurants from London, New York, and Hong Kong.  


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Wrestling in the spotlight


The city also hosted a world-class sporting event organized by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): the largest “royal battle” ever to have taken place. Won by Saudi Mansoor Al-Shehail, the event almost filled the Al-Jowhara stadium at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah. Under a sky lit by fireworks, the great winner expressed his joy: “Representing the kingdom everywhere in the world is fantastic, winning this event is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for anything better.


More accessible events


According to the instructions of King Salman and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the prices for access to the various events have been reduced (at least 25% lower than elsewhere) so that as many people as possible can participate.  


The season is also expected to have a significant regional impact in terms of employment. The organizers have already reported 175 contacts with SMEs, as well as 4,900 volunteers involved in setting up the festival.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“City Ambassadors”


Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Juwuli Al-Saud also urged the inhabitants of Jeddah to represent their city as much as possible: “I call on the people of Jeddah to become ambassadors for the city,” said the monarch, who then expressed his hope that the festival would become a lasting success.


It should be recalled that in total, there are 11 different seasons that mark the Kingdom’s tourism year: the seasons of Shaqiya (eastern region, which has attracted more than 700,000 visitors over more than 17 days), Ramadan, Aid Al-Fitr, Jeddah, Ta’if, Aid El-Adha, National Day, Riyadh, Diriyah, Al-Ula and Ha’il.

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Published on 18 June 2019


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