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A Jewel of British Architecture
in the Heart of Mecca

In the heart of Mecca, a modern architectural marvel will soon see the light of day. It responds to the urgent need for quality lodgings during the Hajj and Umrah periods (the Islamic pilgrimages to the Holy city). A competition for a luxury hotel and serviced apartments was launched, which Foster + Partners won in 2017. Once completed, the complex will host up to 100,000 pilgrims.

The British firm Foster + Partners is no stranger to Saudi Arabia and to the Middle East. Their architects had conceived the Al Faisaliyah Center in Riyadh in 2000. The hotel complex by Foster + Partners wishes to respect the site’s holiness, and thus draws inspiration from traditional Arab architecture.

Each room will be oriented towards the Kaaba, the cuboid structure in the middle of the Grand Mosque – Masjid al-Haraam – and shall feature a space dedicated to prayer.

This construction is part of a larger project of over 2 million square meters built by JODC, which includes four- and five-star hotels holding 36,000 visitors during the year, and up to 100,000 pilgrims during Hajj.

The hotel’s main towers will also feature a pedestrian ramp, leading directly to the Grand Mosque.

Published on 22 August 2017