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A Jordan initiative to support people with disabilities while protecting environment

Green Wheels is a non-profit charity based in Amman, Jordan, which protects the environment by collecting plastic bottle caps and soda cans and recycling them and donates profits to support people with disabilities. Its recipe : a strong collaboration between various actors in the society.

Green Wheels found the genius idea to kill to birds with one stone. While over 10% of Jordan’s population have disabilities – that is to say more than 1 million people – and the world struggling with environmental pollution, this non-profit association found the way to work for solving both issues and also to strengthen social bonds among companies, institutions and people.

A non-profit humanitarian, environmental community

The initiative is simple. Plastic bottle caps, lids and soda cans flooding the daily life are collected. Those are all gathered in Art of Living Foundation’s premises, which incubated the non-profit charity. Waste are sold to recycling factories and the profits are, then, donated to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation which support children with cerebral palsy and persons with disabilities.

Green Wheels started as a non-profit humanitarian, environmental and social volunteering community, which was very small at this time. It includes now over 10 000 volunteers, institutions such as schools or kindergartens, companies and banks. It succeeded in making all these actors collaborate in order to reduce pollution and to support disabled persons with funds dedicated to their education, medical treatments and purchases of wheelchairs. While achieving both goals it also created sustainable bounds between those people to improve social inclusion. An easy initiative to replicate beyond Jordan !

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Published on 13 July 2018