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A railway line to connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Agreements have just been reached in the United Arab Emirates to create a railway line between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The national railway company Etihad Rail has just awarded contracts to two companies – Ghantoot Transport and China Railway Construction Corporation – to build the hundreds of kilometers of track needed to build a line between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 


This new line, intended for freight transport, aims in fact to link the ports of Khalifa and Jebel Ali. It also includes links with the country’s industrial zones. 



“Support the growth”


Sheikh Tayeb, who attended the contract signing ceremony, then said: “Etihad Rail will support the growth of our transport industry and freight transport sector throughout the United Arab Emirates, with rail systems being one of the most important means of transport on which countries depend to achieve their economic and social objectives.


This is the second phase of an Etihad Rail project to eventually cover 1200 km of track, as part of a network that will extend to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. 


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Published on 12 July 2019



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