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A Saudi animated feature film soon in theatres

The animated feature film “The Journey”, in French “Le Voyage”, co-produced by the Saudi company Manga Productions and the legendary Japanese studio Toei Animation, has just signed a distribution agreement with Vox Cinemas. The film will therefore soon be released in theatres in the Middle East, North Africa and even Japan.

It’s time for recognition for the Saudi animation studio Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the MiSK foundation. Its feature film “The Journey” has just been guaranteed to be broadcast throughout the MENA region. And that’s not all! The film, directed by Japanese director Shizuno Kobun, will also be released in Japan, via T-Joy, a subsidiary of Toei Animation. It is therefore a small consecration to get a diffusion in the temple of animation, for this project co-created by young Saudi talents, and realized between Riyadh and Tokyo.


Global ambitions 

This is a major project, representing an investment of between $10 million and $15 million. The film tells the story of a group of men who have never known war, forced to arm themselves to protect their city against an offensive of disproportionate size. At the film’s next market in Cannes next May, Manga Productions will try to present the film to potential buyers. 



Toni Al Massih, head of content at VOX Cinemas, is full of praise for the film, which he describes as “unique in its genre as it tells a story of the Middle East using the artistic style of Japanese anime”. 



This is a relatively new experience, although Manga Productions’ first animated series, “Future’s Folktales“, also co-produced with Toei, has been successfully broadcast since January on the Middle East TV channel MBC and its digital platform Shahid.


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Published on 27 February 2020



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