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A Saudi pilot goes viral with Instagram pics taken from his cockpit

Saudi airline pilot, Ahmed Hader, publishes incredible pictures of the landscapes he observes every day from his cockpit. His tremendous photos are going viral on Instagram.

Instagram is full of magnificent pictures of landscapes. Some illustrate sunsets, others beautiful panoramas… Yet we doubt that photos taken by Ahmed Hader can’t be imitated by the greatest number.

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Photographies… from a cockpit

This Saudi airline pilot captures landscapes in photos… from his cockpit! His Instagram followers can contemplate unique landscapes, captured at several thousand meters of altitude.


Ahmed regularly feeds his Instagram account with photos taken from the sky, making his Instagram account very unique. With 55,000 subscribers, the pilot occasionally publishes incredible aerial photos of Saudi cities such as Mecca or Medina. Day and night, his photos leave no voice.


Published on 5 October 2018



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