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A symphony under the stars of Al Ula

For several years, the Al Ula oasis, located in the north of Saudi Arabia, has been attracting more and more people thanks to its many unusual activities. And this time, it is a unique concert that took place at the feet of the Arch Rock last Friday, under a starry night.

Last Friday, an incredible concert took place in the heart of this oasis: the concert “Symphony under the Stars”, which welcomed the Italian pianist Dardust, adept of musical creations mixing piano, electro, and light effects. For the occasion, Dardust created a special composition, which allowed to play with the shadows of the Arch Rock, this huge rock which overhangs the desert of Al Ula.

A magical show under the starry desert sky, which the Italian artist describes as “an incredible experience”.


The season of festivities in Al Ula


Al Ula offers, for several weeks, many activities, shows and concerts to its growing number of visitors from all over the region, but also from Europe. This is the reason why a new air line now connects Paris directly to Al Ula.

Since February and until the end of the month, open-air concerts will take place among the fascinating works of art installed in the middle of the desert, open-air concerts of classical, electronic or pop music, a wellness and yoga festival, a marathon in the heart of the oasis, or pottery workshops for young and old are waiting for you in the heart of one of the oldest deserts in the world. 

For more information on upcoming events, visit the official Al Ula website: