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A wave of snow covers Alexandria, in Egypt

A rare phenomenon in Egypt, snow has made its appearance in the north of the country, and in particular in the city of Alexandria. Vigilance measures have been taken by the local governor, in order to better understand this meteorological phenomenon almost unknown in the country.

Alexandria, bordering the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, has experienced its first snowfall of the year, and even the last decade, according to residents. Egyptians have posted numerous photos and videos of the city’s streets under a thin layer of snow, sharing their enthusiasm for this “European-style” weather.



If this phenomenon delights the inhabitants, it has nevertheless worried the local authorities, who decided to suspend schools and close the naval ports on Sunday and Monday, to avoid any incident. General Mohamed Al Sharif, governor of Alexandria, announced to increase the degree of emergency in the city, to prepare for the cold wave that hit the region.  


According to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA), most parts of Egypt will experience very cold weather this week.