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Adidas customizes its new VRCT jacket with an Arabic badge

Adidas stores in the Gulf countries recently unveiled a new piece to their collection, the VRCT jacket, which, personalized with an Arabic-language badge, takes on a special meaning.

The German sports goods manufacturer Adidas recently unveiled its collaboration with the Emirati athlete Walid Yari. The brand and the athlete have created a “Yalla” badge, available in Arabic and English, on the new Adidas jacket called “VRCT” which has a special meaning.

Since “Yalla” is a term widely used in the Arab world to say “let’s go”, Walid Yari considered it appropriate to include on the badge this term perfectly summarizing the credo of surpassing oneself put forward by the brand: “Every time he pushes himself forward to be the best“.

Like him, three other regional personalities were approached by the brand to convey this positive vision. Lu D’Sousa, an activist of body positivity, chose “I am perfect”, Tima Deryan, a mountaineer, chose “I am Brave” and Enjy Kiwan, a TV presenter, chose “Family”. 

”I chose “I am Perfect” to challenge the notion of perfection in society by proving that beauty comes in all its forms and sizes”


Available in all Adidas stores in the Gulf countries in blue, black and navy blue with cream sleeves, the personalized badge jackets start selling from AED 475.

Adidas, a brand open to the Arab world

This is not the first time that the German brand has collaborated with athletes from the Arab world to promote a message of peace and a positive future. On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day on March 8, Adidas unveiled a new advertising campaign for its new Ultratboost 19 running shoes in which three Saudi athletes – Lojain Alrefae, sports coach, Raha Moharrak, mountaineer and Saja Kamal, footballer – make their voices heard and promote the empowerment of women.

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Published on 20 September 2019