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Ahead of International Museum Day the Emirates makes an open call for digital exhibition

For the occasion, all fine artists, musicians, filmmakers and poets residing in the Emirates have now been invited to submit their artistic creations for a chance to be included in the digital exhibition for International Museum Day at the end of the month within the theme of ‘Diversity in Times of Adversity.’

“With the current crisis and lockdowns as a result of Covid-19, we have realized how vulnerable creativity is and at the same time it is the one thing that has truly brought us all together, and where we found solace in this difficult time” writes the Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) on their Facebook page detailing their announcement.

Creativity and Solidarity

With their dedication to honor the celebration despite the pandemic, the Emirati SMA emphasizes the mission relies on uniting people through their experiences of these peculiar, and possibly unsettling circumstances.

As a boost for the younger generations, the entries should be from those age 16 to 35. To take part, all one needs to do is send an inspiring piece of work responding the theme which coincides with the health crisis. Their original image or video can be of any medium, as long as it is specifically made for the occasion and sent in before May 10th.

The entries will be reviewed by the SMA committee before the embodiment into the virtual show, broadcasted on their website and social media platforms on the 18th.