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Airbnb is looking for global citizens to join an ecological mission in Antarctica

After “Italian Sabbatical”, a project aimed at urban regeneration in southern Italy, Airbnb is back with its new project called “Antarctica Sabbatical”. On this occasion, the Community rental platform is looking for 5 volunteers, notably from the United Arab Emirates, to take part in this scientific research mission in Antarctica, scheduled for December.

Airbnb and Ocean Conservancy recently announced that a new project called “Antarctic Sabbatical” will be organized in December. On this occasion, the community rental platform and the NGO are looking for five global citizens to volunteer to take part in this ecological scientific research mission that will take place in the most isolated continent on the planet, Antarctica.


The objective of the mission is to collect snow samples and study the extent of the presence of microplastics inside Antarctica. Ultimately, the results will aim to raise awareness of the impact of mankind on the climate in one of the world’s least-known and most isolated ecosystems. By becoming aware of the extent of plastic pollution generated in other parts of the world, the five volunteers will be able to provide valuable information to the rest of the world, in order to help preserve Antarctica but also the entire planet. 

This expedition will be a difficult task, requiring scientific rigor in merciless winter conditions. We are looking for passionate people with a sense of global citizenship who are enthusiastic about being part of the team and going home and sharing our discoveries with the world” – Kristie Jones-Williams, British researcher.

What if Emiratis were to participate?

To participate in this expedition, no formal training is required. However, other eligibility criteria, such as nationality, are required. Until 8 October, only* volunteers from Dubai, South Africa, Taiwan, and other countries can apply and hope to be selected.

Kristie Jones-Williams, British researcher in charge of the Antarctic Sabbatical expedition

The five future researchers and British lead researcher, Kristie Jones-Williams, will first participate in training in glaciology, field sampling and laboratory work in Punta Arenas, Chile before traveling to Antarctica. At the end of their mission, they will continue to study their findings and work with Ocean Conservancy to become ambassadors for ocean protection and help the Airbnb community and the rest of the world work for the planet. 

* To find all the eligibility criteria, please refer to the online form.

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Published on 26 September 2019




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