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AirWayBill, the app to shop and ship anywhere thanks to travelers

AirWayBill, is The Transporter 2.0, a mobile app that allows people to safely shop and ship from anywhere to anyone in the world via travelers !

Chronopost et Amazon just had to behave! Under the INSEAD LaunchPad program, the young company settled for six month in Station F, the world’s largest hub for startups located in Paris. There, we have met Khaled Sehly, co-founder of AirWayBill. Khaled founded the company with friends from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Spain.

A successful melting-pot

This new competitor of online shops and Chronopost, “you can call it, in another way, AirBnb or Blablacar of shopping and shipping“, explains Khaled with a complicit gaze. Like other digital giants based on peer-to-peer, AirWayBill was born in Silicon Valley in 2017, from a very simple idea.

All of us are travelling all over the world and we always do this calls ‘Do you need something from that country, because I’m traveling’…”, relates Khaled about the early stages of the app. “We wanted to ship things from cities to cities in the Middle East and we suffered because we wanted that to be deliver tomorrow morning but no one is there so we were going to the airport, asking people to take the documents to ship from here to there.” And from this issue they started AirWayBill : “We connect travellers who are willing to share some extra luggage space or even a small pocket with people who want to shop and ship things from anywhere to anyone in the world.”

From Arab roots to a European base and a global developing  network

It’s based in Madrid, Spain, but we, the founders, are Saudi Arabians, Europeans and Egyptians, so we are kind of a diverse team”, Khaled explains, very entertained. According to him, this is the firm’s DNA since these multiple ramifications build a global network of partners and people involved in the initiative : “We are not a common startup as well. Because we are a little bit larger than a startup”, he ads in an amused euphemism. “We’ve worked with everyone from all over the world, we’ve worked with developers in the Silicon Valley, we’ve worked with the highest international law firm in Europe…

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With an undoubtful reliability

They took the best partners to work on this new digital platform, because they aim to offer a completely safe and reliable service. Khaled Sehly rush into arranging his collar, which was yet impeccable, when we raise to this subject he really care about : “So we decided to be based in Europe, due to the data privacy of our users and to ensure the users the highest experience and the highest security either it’s financial or informational”.


AirWayBill aims, therefore, to ensure the most reliable service to connect millions of people, who are either traveling or longing to be able to shop anything from anywhere or to ship their item to far away destinations in a short time and complete confidence. The app allows travelers to earn a little money and shippers to save time and money, while ensuring a safe conveyance for their objects.

Published on 19 September 2018