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Aisha, the most viral meme from Saudi Arabia

The latest Saudi video to go viral on the Twittersphere features a dancing schoolgirl swirling her ponytail, prompting a meme across Saudi Arabia.

Dive into the subculture of Saudi memes: Coming home from her school in late October in Saudi Arabia, Aisha was greeted by her older brother Abdullah who felt like cheering her return from school, filming her walk toward thefront door.

[videotxt source=”The famous viral video of Aisha dancing coming back home from school”]


Why the fuss?

While nobody can predict the next viral sensation, this twelve-second video is a Saudi recipe for success: Aisha’s joyful gestures reference a traditional Gulf dance for girls which emphasizes hair movements. All of this is elevated by her brother’s spontaneous chanting as he films her return.

And the Twitterverse does its job

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There’s no turning back now from the internet’s reaction. Grown men and little girls alike have reappropriated the few seconds of movements since its appearance last week. Below are some of the greatest hits below!
[videotxt source=””]

Meanwhile, the girl now immortalized by her nickname Ayoosh has appeared on Saudi national television on November 1st. When the little girl was prompted by the TV host as to why this particular video went viral, she answers “God only knows”.

Published on 3 November 2017