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AlMadani: “We want to compare Saudi Arabia with other countries”

In order to be in line with the Vision 2030 goals, the Saudi government created ADAA, the National Center for Performance Measurement, a facility dedicated to evaluating Saudi public entities performance. Thus, ADAA created the International Performance Hub (IPH), a global database including several key indicators for different all countries. Husameddin AlMadani, who is now the former ADAA's General Manager, explained to KAWA the main purpose of this tool.

KAWA: What is the International Performance Hub (IPH)?

Husameddin AlMadani: The hub is a platform that Saudi Arabia has designed that houses over 700 international indicators. It allows any interested individuals, a think tank, a government office or citizens, to monitor the progress of 200 countries across 700 indicators. We launched the tool to the public in Davos and we found great interaction and dynamics.

What is the priority of ADAA?

We developed the tool to monitor where we are on key indicators. With our ambitious Vision 2030 goals, we had to have a better tool to compare ourselves with other countries.

Can you tell us one figure to better understand Saudi Arabia in 2018?

Saudi Arabia last year improved five ranks on a very important indicator which is perception for corruption. This is one way that show continuous and steady progress, and a very key indicator that our top leadership is determined to improve Saudi Arabia. It is very important for attracting more and better investment and having a better governance in Saudi Arabia.

What is the role of Saudi youth in this transformation?

Saudi Arabia is a youthful country and that’s a strength that we have. We have over 50% of the population in their twenties. And that’s a lot of power. That’s a lot of brain, a lot of energy. And this is the generation we are counting on to do quantum leaps and significant progress to achieve 2030.

Can you share a figure to better understand Saudi Arabia ?

Almost 55% of our graduates are females in Saudi Arabia. Not too many people know this.