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Along the Incense Route

Saudi Arabia has long been a compulsory step in the passage from Asia to Europe. Ever since the 3rd century B.C. the trade routes of spice, myrrh and silk developed thanks to the Incense Route: a commercial network of routes crossing the Arabian Peninsula: from Yemen to the Sultanate of Oman, all the way up to the Mediterranean Sea.

Over two thousand kilometers of trade routes dedicated to the trade of myrrh, silk and incense. According to the Old Testament, the Queen of Sheba had travelled along a route of gold and of incense,to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem. The Route has also been mentioned in the Quranin Chapters 27 (An-Naml) and 34 (Saba). Incense is made up of resin from trees of the genus boswellia which grow in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. From the port of Aden in Yemen and until Egypt passing through Mamshit et Abdah, the Nabatean caravan towns, the Incense Route has led thousands of merchants and travelers across Saudi Arabia.

Published on 24 November 2017

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