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An Arab city in the Top 10 NYE Celebration

One month ago, the world was celebrating New Year 2019. Some cities have not skimped on the means with lights, fireworks and decorations of all kinds. Among them, Beirut was able to create a sensation, automatically placing it in the “Top 10 NYE Celebration”.

In recent years, National Geographic magazine has regularly published a list of the 10 largest New Year’s Day celebrations around the globe. This year, Beirut, Lebanon, enters the ranking making it the only city in the Arab world to appear in this top 10.

”Every year brings a promise of peace to the capital of a war-torn Lebanon”

National Geographic

Ranked 7th in the “TOP NYE Celebration”, the Lebanese capital is ahead of Tokyo (8th) or Sydney (10th), cities renowned for their colourful New Year’s show.

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Publiée par Live Love Beirut sur Mardi 1 janvier 2019

Beirut lights up for the new year

Long torn apart by war, Beirut adorns itself for an evening with a veil of hope, peace and love. On the occasion of the New Year, thousands of people gathered in Nejmeh Square in the heart of the highly decorated Lebanese capital to watch a spectacular show.

The highlight of the show is at midnight, when the fireworks ring out in the city and illuminate every Lebanese citizen who came to celebrate the New Year, but also every religious building, churches and mosques, true symbols of the country’s diversity. You now know where to spend your 2020 New Year’s Eve.

Top 10 NYE Celebration

New York City, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
London, England
Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
Beirut, Lebanon
Tokyo, Japan
Christmas Island, South Pacific
Sydney, Australia

Published on 6 February 2019