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An Egyptian man jumps on the tracks to save his daughter…

An Egyptian father became the star of social networks by fearlessly throwing himself under a train to his daughter’s rescue.

Last Sunday, Ismaila station in northeastern Egypt was the scene of a heroic act. An Egyptian father did not hesitate to throw himself under a moving train to protect his daughter who was stuck on the tracks.

While they were crossing the tracks, thinking the train was stopped, the girl found herself trapped. The father immediately threw himself on top of her to protect her with his own body. In the video, you can see that the train was only a few millimeters away from them.


More fear than harm

Fortunately, both protagonists escaped unharmed from the situation. The video, captured by passers-by and posted on social networks, has been viewed several million times, making the Egyptian father a hero in the eyes of many Internet users.

However, some argue that the mere fact that he tried to cross the tracks with his daughter was already an irresponsible act on his part…

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Published on 31 January 2020