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An underwater museum has opened in Jordan

On July 24, a unique museum opened its doors – so to speak, in Jordan. Unusual, the Aqaba Military Museum is located… underwater.

This is a first in the region. The port city of Aqaba, Jordan, has decided to house its military museum off the coast, at a depth of 28 metres

A unique experience

The idea is to combine culture with sport and adventure to offer tourists a unique experience. To do this, no less than 19 pieces of equipment were submerged in the Red Sea. Tanks, a troop transport and even a helicopter are accessible to divers, or simply to visitors aboard glass-bottomed boats. 


Credits : Times of Israel

ASEZA, the Authority of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, explained that it had removed “hazardous material” from the submerged parts to protect the marine ecosystem, particularly coral reefs

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Published on 20 August 2019