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Arab City Tops World City Safety Index

UAE continues its five-year streak as one of the world’s safest places to live

How safe is the city you live in? Numbeo, the largest participatory database of cities and countries in the world, has been answering this question for years. This year, the platform has just released its latest findings. What’s the safest city in the world? According to their research, it is Abu Dhabi, for the fifth year in a row. The UAE capital is ahead of all others, and is joined in the top ten by its sister cities Sharjah and Dubai, which hold 6th and 7th place respectively. The country has beat cities in Germany, Norway, and the United States.

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Arab Cities in an International Class of their Own

Some of the region’s cities are also in the top 100, such as Manama in Bahrain, Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and Muscat in Oman, beating out cities such as Miami and Paris. The results are a testament to the ongoing development of the region as a whole, and the increased prosperity and stable business climate which predominates the region.

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Published on 27 January 2021