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Artificial intelligence keeping the virus at bay in the UAE

Artificial intelligence may be deemed superfluous at times, yet in today’s pressing circumstances, robots are reducing physical encounters are prioritizing human life. The United Arab Emirates continues to lead the way with its remotely navigated cutting-edge machines, now tackling vital tasks such as medical analyses, sterilization and sanitization, through both efficiency and safety.

The symptom-checker robot 



Also run through artificial intelligence, this machine includes different thermal sensors able to detect COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, and heart rate level. It can navigated remotely through airports and hospitals or stand at building entrances to decide whether someone may enter based on the diagnosis. 


The deputy director at Ajman University Innovation Center, Mohamed Baloola, is to be credited for bringing the robot to life. The robot is “aimed to protect all workers on the frontlines, mainly those in the health sector, against coronavirus,” the engineer told a local newsource.


The sterilization robot


This compact machine can let itself into buildings, navigate through them and even climb staircases to thoroughly spray viral disinfectants, without exposing human workers to the COVID-19 bacteria.


Emirati engineer, Al Mazroei, created the sterilization robot from the machines his company manufacture for security and military purposes. “You can put sterilization liquid, water, fog, smoke into the system. The robot can be sent to do the cleaning in closed, interior areas where you don’t want to send people,” the innovator explained to The National.


The sanitization robot



Going beyond his virtual school obligations, the 13 year old Dubai student, Siddh Sanghvi, ingeniously invented this artificial intelligence contraption, capable of dispensing sanitizer into the hands of those detected within the wide range of 30 cm. 


UAE’s investments paying off

It may not be surprising that these inventions are birthed out of the Emirates, after consecutive years of spearheading artificial intelligence projects. These investments have built the important foundations for today’s urgently-needed inventions to reduce the damage from the COVID-19 outbreak. These unprecedented times call for unprecedented innovations, preferably created from one’s home.



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Published on 8 April 2020