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Beauty vegan: Arab brands on the rise

The beauty industry is a resounding success in the Middle East. According to Business France agency, the consumption of cosmetic products in the Gulf States is one of the highest per capita in the world. In this dynamic, formulas without animal substances are gaining ground and meet with great success.

Today, it is difficult to ignore environmental issues. These are leading consumers to develop a more sustainable lifestyle, particularly in the choice of their cosmetic products. The trend goes towards environmentally friendly and skin-friendly products that are greener, but also vegan.

Green revolution

Behind vegan brands, men and women who are responsive to the animal cause often hide, of course, but also disappointed by the cosmetics on the market. As a result, they have decided to create their own products. This is the case of Ahlam Abbas, the Palestinian-born founder of The Dirty Lamb: “I couldn’t find 100% natural and effective products, so I created my own. The Dirty Lamb was technically born in my kitchen. I wanted products that would give me more self-confidence and would not dry out my skin, while eliminating pimples and acne scars,” she explains. For Eman Al-Sharif, co-founder of the Toulane brand – whose laboratory is based in Dubai – it was also the lack of 100% natural formulas in the stores that pushed her to create her brand: “I met a certified organic European skincare formulator. From there, I worked on two products: Blooming Bliss and Rose Elixir. ”

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What other Arab brands have joined the movement? In Bahrain, we find the Green Bar brand, known for its botanical and local ingredients, such as mint, mulberry, rose and palm. On the Maghreb side, the Tunisian brand Mïlo Cosmetics, offers a range of nail polishes and lipsticks “cruelty-free”, at affordable prices. Consumers increasingly ensure that cosmetics are not tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Vegan Lifestyle? Not necessarily

And this whether you are vegan or not! Indeed, both Ahlam Abbas and Eman Al-Sharif agree that their clients tend above all towards a healthier lifestyle and ethical choices. According to Ahlam, “even if their diet is not vegan, their skin care is. ”



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Eman, for her part, sees a real change in mentality in the Middle East: “Our customers are now more aware of the impact of chemicals and artificial ingredients on the environment, but also on health. “So what are Toulane’s “best sellers”? Charcoal Soap, which is affordable and effective for people with oily skin suffering from acne. Not forgetting the brand’s flagship product, Rose Elixir balm made from vegetable oils and shea butter. As for The Dirty Lamb, it’s also an acne treatment that’s all the rage. It is the Tea Tree Wand treatment with cinnamon. “I’ve had great feedback on this product. Customers have seen an improvement in their hormonal and cystic acne. They are happy to see such good results with a natural product,” says Abbas.

Are vegan skin care products becoming a must for beauty shopping in the region? Far from being ephemeral, the movement seems to be long-term and reflects the world of tomorrow.

Published on 7 June 2021