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Careem includes a Wi-Fi service in the United Arab Emirates

The ride-hailing app is upping its game in terms of services. In July, users in the United Arab Emirates will be able to enjoy free and unlimited Wi-Fi service during the rides.

Mobile bills will drop. Starting this summer in the United Arab Emirates, passengers using Careem’s transport services will enjoy free and unlimited Wi-Fi


Integrated directly into the cars, this service is the result of a partnership between the Emirate telecommunications company Etisalat and the Dubai-based Snapit Digital


“This agreement is an important step towards making Careem one of the safest and most trusted platforms in the region”



Scaling up



Careem takes this step mainly in order to keep up with the competition. Indeed, various companies, such as TransAD, whose taxis run the streets of Abu Dhabi, or the taxis of Dubai airport, already offer integrated Wi-Fi. Dubai’s taxi fleet, with some 10,800 vehicles, is also in the process of setting up the service.


It should be noted that users of the application will still have to view advertisements in order to access the service, which they will do through a secure connection, and with Careem’s express guarantee that personal data will not be shared with third parties.

Published on 8 July 2019