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Chez nous: a new Franco-Tunisian clothing brand

Camélia Barbachi, French designer of Tunisian origin, has launched her eco-friendly brand "Chez nous", a nod to her dual culture between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The French from Tunisian origins are often confronted when they return to their country of origin: the nickname “chez nous, là-bas” (at home, over there) that Tunisians give them, because of this tic of language that the binationals often use when they talk about France to their Tunisian compatriots.


It is from this particular nickname that the 24 year-old designer Camélia Barbachi, born in the north of France of Tunisian parents, decided to create her own brand “Chez nous”, a mixture of her French and Tunisian identities. This first collection, which the designer describes as a “round trip Lille-Djerba”, includes three main pieces: a tencel blouse inspired by traditional Tunisian clothing, a bob named “La Goulette” in reference to this popular district of Tunis, and a waterproof tote bag. On these last two items is written the Arabic calligraphy of the brand “Chez nous”: شينو (pronounced chinou).



“I would like to offer a more eco-friendly fashion.”


The motto of this brand is to fight against the waste and pollution of the textile industry, and to involve craftsmen in the creation of its models. Thus, the making of the products is entrusted to the craftsmen of a workshop of employment integration in Lesquin, northern France, then to a production site of the north of Tunisia, in Ksar Hellal, certified GOTS (organic textile certification).

This certification guarantees fair and “human” working conditions and wages to the workshop’s employees, as well as the respect of environmental standards in the manufacturing process of the clothes.


And indeed, the articles are created in ecological and recyclable material: the tote bag is made of recycled tarpaulin, the mixed blouse is in recycled tencel.

Modern, fair, concerned about the respect of the craftsmen and the environmental standards, the brand “Chez nous” nevertheless needs the support of the consumers to be able to sell its products to the greatest number. To do so, you can contribute to the project through their Ulule platform.