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Classic film “The Message” to be rebroadcast in HD

The Message, Al-Rissalah in Arabic, will be released from June 14th across Gulf and Middle East region. The legendary film by the Syrian director Moustapha Akkad has been restored by his son, Malek Akkad, in 4K high to carry on its message of peace to younger generations.

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, The Message is released on the big screens of eleven countries in the Middle East in an exceptional 4K quality version. Malek Akkad converted his father’s first film into digital format, the one that launched his career, to make it more contemporary. “We want to give the film a new lease of life in order to restore the fame it had acquired in the past and that we hope to perpetuate with new generations,” says Malek.

“The story that will bring this history to the West”

The film, which was made in 1976 simultaneously in Arabic and English, tells the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Bringing together the biggest names in cinema like Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas for its English version, Abdallah Ghaith and Mouna Wassef for its Arabic version and a soundtrack written by Maurice Jarre, the film met with an exceptional success, that led him to an Oscar nomination in 1977. ” I thought I should tell the story that will bring this [history] to the West,” the director told the Washington Post in 2005. While seeking to preserve his father’s work, with this initiative Malek felt all the importance and the actuality of the message of peace that it carries.

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Published on 8 June 2018