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Coldplay puts the Arab world in the spotlight in its latest album

Expected on November 22, the new album of the English rock band Coldplay, “Everyday life”, will include a song title written in Arabic called “Bani Adam”. A choice of title that could have a link with the poem “Bani Adam” by the Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi.

It is not without a touch of originality that the famous English rock band, Coldplay, has chosen to announce the release of its next album entitled “Everyday Life”, scheduled for November 22nd. In the classified ads of the Welsh newspaper, the North Wales Daily Post, the group published the list of the 16 titles that will compose their new album.

Among the different songs on this double album, one of them entitled “Bani Adam”, honors the Arab world, since it is written in Arabic as follows:

“Bani Adam”


“Bani Adam”, a meaning that resonates in the Arab world

But what does this title mean? In concrete terms, the title “Bani Adam” can be translated as “Adam’s children” or more generally as “human beings”. However, the title can also be used as a rallying cry similar to “Yalla” (let’s go).

But by choosing this title, Coldplay seems to be in line with the year of tolerance advocated by the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world in general. Or, he could have been inspired by the poem “Bani Adam” by the Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi, known for his thoughts on social responsibility and morality.

”Adam’s children are members of each other,in their creation, they are of one essence.When weather conditions cause a member to suffer,the other members will suffer from discomfort.You who are indifferent to the misery of others,it is not appropriate for them to call you a human being”

Saadi Shirazi- Iranian poet

Known for his keen interest in spirituality and in particular for the esoteric and mystical vision of Islam that is Sufism, the group’s singer Chris Martin has often stated in various interviews that teachings related to religion often helped him to create music.

The future album divided into two sections, “Sunrise” and “Sunset”, will have the title “Bani Adam” in the “Sunset” section with other titles such as “Guns”, “Orphans”, “Eko”, “Cry Cry Cry Cry” or “Old Friends”.

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Published on 25 October 2019

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