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Coronavirus: Dubai’s World Trade Center transformed into a field hospital

This is a strong symbol sent by the leaders of the emirate. The World Trade Center in Dubai, a building that is customarily used for the purpose of organizing congresses, conferences, and a multitude of other professional events, has been completely converted into the largest hospital in all of the Middle East.

3,000 beds, 800 of which are for intensive care, are now set up in the premises of the Dubai World Trade Center. This is the successful challenge taken on by the Emirati leaders in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, currently affecting the entire world population. 


The maneuver is an act of prevention. While the countries of the Middle East are not yet plagued by statistics as worrying as those of the United States, China or Europe, the idea here is not to wait until the epidemic is at its peak before taking action and implementing contingency measures. 


Planning for “every possible scenario”

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and medical assistants will be able to work in this second “field hospital” which will increase the city’s hospital capacity tenfold. 


Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Humaid Al Qatami,  spoke last week to announce the Emirate’s plans to react to “every possible scenario,” specifying that the authorities were “ready to help 5,000, 10,000 or, God forbid, more than that.”


Currently, there are 4933 confirmed cases of Covid-19 within the seven Emirates, surfacing between 300 and 400 new cases per day, totaling thus far 28 deaths. 



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Published on 15 April 2020