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Covid vaccine: Saudi Arabia and UAE in the top 20

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The list of countries most involved in the global Covid-19 vaccination campaign has just been published. It includes the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the very first places. This is the result of a policy of vaccination of the population assumed since the first hours of the validation of the vaccine.

According to the figures published by the various governments, and compiled by the AFP in the infographics below, many countries have done more than just start their population vaccination campaigns. For example, if we look at China and the United States, which are ranked first and second, we see that these big countries have already vaccinated 9 million and 6.69 million people, respectively.


Souce : SudOuest / AFP

The countries of the Arabian Peninsula are not lagging behind

Indeed, with a total of 1.09 million people vaccinated, the United Arab Emirates is ranked 5th in the world. Saudi Arabia is just a few lengths away in 15th place, ahead of France by only a few thousand units distributed. If we look at the figures in terms of percentage of the vaccinated population, Bahrain, which is not included in this infographics but was the second country in the world to approve the vaccine, is in the first places of the ranking, with already more than 5% of the vaccinated population.