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Discover Morocco’s incredible pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020

The Moroccan pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 is increasingly attracting visitors and international media, who praise the beauty and originality of the building, one of the largest among the 191 countries represented. 

A pavilion that reflects modern Morocco


These large earthen cubes, whose material is a typical Moroccan handicraft, intertwined with each other in a modern aesthetic summarize quite well what is hidden inside: the alliance of Moroccan traditions and its asserted will to tend towards modernity and technological advances.



And indeed, Morocco has not skimped on the means to display the extent of its craftsmanship, the richness of its cultural diversity, and its ability to innovate. Built on 7 floors, 33m high, this pavilion is the highest of the Expo Dubaï 2020, but also one of the largest, with an area of 3,500 square meters. 

Inside, you will find everything you love about Moroccan handicrafts, and more: mixed Arab & Berber creations, typical of the North-African kingdom, in the form of carpets, dresses, jewelry, dishes, shoes, bags, decorative objects … But also immersive rooms in which are projected colors, shadows and lights that draw the wonders of the traditional Moroccan architecture. 



From traditional crafts to the economic aspirations of Morocco 


Morocco has heavily invested in the presentation of its pavilion during side events Expo 2020, such as this past week specially dedicated to the Kingdom from October 10 to 16, on the theme “Morocco, new global hub”. An investment that seems to have worked particularly well, since the Dubai 2020 organizers as well as participants in these conferences have testified their impression of a country that is dynamic, open to collaboration and multisectoral investments. 

The Kingdom also launched on October 10 its “leading industrial and export platform” to attract foreign investors: Morocco Now. This new brand aims to show investors around the world the savoir-faire and expertise of Moroccans in many sectors, at attractive prices. The launch of the brand was also featured on the big screens in Times Square, New York, at the same time as it was announced in Dubai.



But before you decide to invest in the Kingdom of Morocco, you can visit its pavilion in Dubai, until next March!