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Dish Dash, the new DJ sensation in Saudi Arabia

At the end of last December, Saudi Arabia hosted the first edition of the MDL Beast festival. Three days of DJ sets, artistic performances and cuisine just outside its capital, Riyadh. At the heart of the program was Dish Dash, the Dj sensation of the kingdom for several years.

From 19 till 20th December, people witnessed a real sound storm in the desert plateau of Riyadh at the MDL Beast festival. An exceptional event that launched its first edition through three days of artistic performances, DJ sets but also food.

The opportunity to position the Saudi alternative art scene on the world music map, with local bands such as Mizan, Hats and Klaps, the duo of DJs SimiHaze or Dish Dash. But also to welcome internationally renowned artists such as David Guetta or DJ J Balvin through an innovative musical platform.

Street-art made on the occasion of the festival

And to mark the occasion, the program hosted a performance by a duo of DJs composed of two brothers, Hassan and Abbas Ghazawi, better known under the alias Dish Dash. Among the most acclaimed DJs in the kingdom, they have managed over the last 7 years to attract large crowds around their explosive Dj sets, a mix of techno beats that are both danceable and heady. From underground Saudi venues to international stages, they are now setting the decks of clubs in cities around the world like Abu Dhabi, London, Bahrain, Miami or Sharm El Sheikh. They have already shared the stage with artists such as Dubfire, David Tort and Tone Depth.

At the last MDL Beast Festival, they distinguished themselves for the occasion with a remix of a Saudi song ‘All of us MBS’, an homage the reigning prince, which set the audience on fire.


What triggered your interest in the music world and particularly the DJ one?

We have been passionate about music from a very young age. We have musicians in the family and grew up to western music. Eventually, we went to concerts – and it was an Erick Morello concert that finally triggered something in us!

How did you start to learn DJing/Production?

It was mostly a hobby back in 2006 with a laptop to an audience of 5 people – but eventually, we got mentorship from Tone Depth and we have been studying at SAE in London to expand our production abilities and fine-tune our craft.

In which setting do you like to be while you create new tracks?

We are often inspired by the locations we’re in. For example, one of our tracks ‘Yanbu’ was written and inspired by a coast in Saudi Arabia.


Where were your first performances?

Our gigs in Saudi Arabia were largely underground until 2019. Our first official gig was in Club 50 in Miami in 2011 – since then we have toured the Middle East and beyond with a lot of promising prospects on the horizon.

What is your best memory on stage?

MDL Beast is our most recent, and by far most amazing experience. It was just surreal to see thousands of people in our home country enjoying our music. It was mind-blowing and definitely a dream come true.

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

HOSH, Solomun, Black Coffee, Tone Depth, Jean Claude Ades, and Tale of us are just a few of the names – the list goes on and we hope to work with these artists someday soon!

Published on 7 January 2020



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