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Djerba, the island of street art

The Tunisian island off the Mediterranean is famous for its paradisiacal beaches and its crystal clear water, which attract millions of tourists every year. But for almost eight years, a collective of artists decided to give life to a small village of the island, by covering its walls with very graphic street art.

Aladdin smiling in front of Jasmine, the blue eyes of a little girl, or simply colorful abstract art that blends into the flowery landscape of the village of Erriadh… Welcome to Djerbahood! This art project, born in 2014 from a desire of several local artists to bring the small village of Erriadh to life, regularly brings together dozens of artists from around the world to color the white walls of local homes. Regularly cleaned and renewed, these refined and graphic works can be found on every street corner of the village, and always match the local architecture and urbanism.


An artistic project supported by the authorities

The talent of the artists who color the white walls of Erriadh is recognized up to the highest political spheres of the European Union, which decided to finance this project, in partnership with the Tunisian Ministries of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.
In total, more than 200 artists of 30 different nationalities have left a trace of their art on the walls of Djerbahood. Last April, no less than 50 artists made the trip, including Shepard Fairey and David de la Mano.
And if you look hard enough, you’ll even find some “space invaders”, these famous mosaic characters inspired by the eponymous video game, that the mosaicist Franck Slama likes to hang on all the walls of the world, from New York to Paris, through Djerba of course!

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Published on 10 May 2022