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Do you know the brick?

Considered as an essential dish in the Maghreb cuisine, the brick is eaten with meat, tuna, cheese or a simple egg. Not to be confused with its Asian cousin, the samoussa. 

If you have never tasted the brick, this typically dish from Maghreb, KAWA is there for you! 

This famous fried doughnut made of a thin flaky pastry and filled with meat or vegetables has been eaten since the 11th century by nomads of the Maghreb, who needed to be able to easily carry nutritious food for their long journeys through the North African countries. 



And for good reason, the brick is rich in fat (it is fried in oil) and fiber. And it must be said that it is very simple and quick to prepare: prepare your fish, meat or vegetable filling, place it on your previously prepared sheet of brick (or bought in the supermarket, for the less cooks) and fold it into a triangle, as the tradition dictates

For the egg brick, you’ll have to be delicate and careful, cooking the egg on the brick sheet in the pan. 

Bon appétit!