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Dubai: “Do you want that pool on the rocks?”

In Dubai, the flagship city of the United Arab Emirates, happy pool owners are in search of solutions to … cool their pools!

In Europe, the trend is rather to have a heated pool. But in the Middle East, due to a warmer and drier climate than in our country, the happy owners of private pools try to cool them down with ice cubes… instead.

Especially in Dubai, where the temperature can easily reach 45 degrees Celsius and where the majority of the population is still forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus, this solution, although not the most environmentally friendly, is a great success.


An economic opportunity

While not necessarily in line with the COP 21 guidelines, this is good news for companies such as Gulf Ice Factory and Modern Ice Factory, which deliver large blocks of ice to individuals, the size of which varies according to their cooling requirements. “Some are asking to reduce the pool temperature from 38 to 30 degrees, others from 30 to 25… The number of ice blocks will depend on the temperature of the day,” says a company official.

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Published on 18 August 2020