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Dubai: Etihad Airways Makes its First Flight with a Biofuel

On January 16, Etihad Airways, an Emirate airline, made its first commercial flight powered by biofuel…

The flight, which was connecting Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam, used a biofuel based on Salicornia oil which is produced in the city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi.



Etihad Airways, a pioneer in the MENA region?

Etihad Airways is not the first airline in the world to use biofuel to fly its aircraft, but is the first in the to grow biomass to produce this type of fuel.

This initiative is part of the ISEAS (Integrated Seawater Energy and Agriculture System) project developed by the United Arab Emirates. The project consists of the creation of an important ecosystem in the Arabian desert, specifically designed to produce energy and food from salt water.

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Published on 30 January 2019

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