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Dubai Expo 2020 : Final preparations before the opening of the world’s largest exhibition

With just a few months to go before the opening of the world’s largest World Expo, the site’s construction teams are working at a frantic pace to make this World Expo a must-see and successful event.

As every year, and with the aim of promoting human progress in a sustainable manner, it is Dubai’s turn to host the World Expo. If its postponement had been announced due to the global pandemic, it is finally in October this year that its doors will finally open to show visitors the solutions to build tomorrow’s world and a sustainable future.

From October 1, 2021 and for a period of six months, Dubai will open its doors to thousands of tourists curious to discover Emirati hospitality and the values of inclusion and cooperation that the United Arab Emirates embodies

To make this project a success, the construction teams have been working for months now at a frantic pace. This month, workers can be seen on scaffolding platforms and perched on rooftops with drills and welding equipment, all busy developing the site and the roads needed to access it

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While on the Italian pavilion side, the mission is to prepare the supporting beams and columns to support the weight of three solid wood boat hulls, it is only the finishing work that is carried out in the Philippine pavilion

We had the best team in the world. Engineers, contractors and specialists supervised the entire process. We designed a new landmark in Dubai” explains Ahmed Al Khatib, Director of Development and Execution, for the event.

Next October, the world’s attention will be turned to Dubai, a real challenge for this economy, which seems to be on the way to success. 

An event ready to blow our minds! 

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Published on 2 March 2021