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Dubai: iris scanners replace passports at the airport

No, you are not in a science-fiction movie, only at Dubai’s airport…

Dubai International Airport is not letting the crisis get the better of it. Resolutely turned towards the future, it has just proceeded to the installation of systems which will make it possible to get rid of passports, and thus potentially of the long and tiresome queues inherent in air travel.

Indeed, thanks to a mix of facial and retinal recognition, passengers can check-in for a flight, complete immigration formalities, or even board their plane without even coming into contact with the staff and by simply walking through the airport, through the intelligent gates set up. The whole process would take between 5 and 9 seconds. This is a dream come true for air travelers who are used to waiting for hours between their arrival in the terminal and the actual departure of their plane…

Fight against covid-19

To date, nearly 3,000 people use this new technology, which comes straight out of a science fiction movie, on a daily basis. It is accessible to all travelers aged 17 and over who present themselves at the Emirates airline counter and ask to be registered in the biometric system.

It should be noted that since it drastically reduces the number of human contacts during the transit process, this system could also contribute to the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Finally, to the many concerns expressed about the protection of privacy and personal data, Obaid Mehayer Bin Suroor, deputy director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, stresses that the Dubai Immigration Office “completely protects” these data so that “no third party can see them”.

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Published on 11 March 2021