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Dubai: The “Museum of the Future” shall open soon

In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, the immense glass towers no longer surprise anyone. But there is no doubt that this building with its unusual shape will catch the attention of passers-by… The Museum of the Future is almost finished, and it should keep all its promises.

It stands proudly on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, still surrounded by cranes and construction machinery. The last piece of the structure of the “Museum of the Future” was installed last weekend.

Its very characteristic oval shape and composition make it an architectural curiosity.
Indeed, the museum is 30,000 square meters big, culminates at 77 meters high, and there is no sign of any pillar here to support the whole thing. A feat of civil engineering that fills the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, with pride: “The Museum of the Future is a global architectural icon that shows that human miracles are possible. It will play a vital role in our efforts to shape a better future”.



An environmental success story

Why such a discourse? Quite simply because the museum represents a small revolution in itself. It will consist of seven floors of exhibition space and will be powered by 4,000 megawatts of solar electricity. Enough to make earlier constructions and their sometimes questionable “carbon footprint” pale in envy.

In addition, the building is an aesthetic delight with its futuristic appearance and steel exterior façade illuminated with Arabic calligraphic characters.


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Published on 5 October 2020