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Egypt: the city of Aswan to Meet the Standards of World Tourism

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. A famous maxim that the governor of the city of Aswan, Magdy Hegazy, seems to want to appropriate to this town in southern Egypt.

In a push to turn Aswan into a modern tourist centre, Magdy Hegazy announced that a new hygiene system would soon be put in place for the city. The latter will mainly allow the development of a new water supply network and the improvement of the city’s wastewater treatment and drainage infrastructure.

Developing the city in accordance with international tourism standards

With its hot desert weather with tempertaures that can reach 40 degrees during summer, Aswan attracts Europeans, Americans and Canadians mainly in winter .

The Governor hopes thus to improve and transform the region into a tourist destination that meets international tourism standards, giving visitors the opportunity to come all year round and offering local citizens new job opportunities and a new boost to their city’s economy.

Published on 6 December 2018