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Eid: 5 lamb recipe ideas

For the Feast of Aid, tradition requires that Muslims eat lamb meat. The opportunity for Kawa to recommend 5 original recipes based on lamb, which will change from the usual grilled meats…

Wheat risotto with lamb

A spring recipe in mid-summer, what better way to shake up the kitchen’s codes? Fresh but always comforting, risotto represents the right compromise between the too fat and too healthy (yes, yes, there is such a thing). For this recipe, we recommend cooking lamb shoulder with spices (cumin, turmeric), and wheat risotto in coconut milk. All this with peas and mint for freshness… We want more. 


Lamb mouse with passata 

Be careful, we’re not going to be on the healthy side here! Cooked for 4 hours in goose fat, this lamb mouse is super tasteful. Served with a few dry beans (white, green and red, at Kawa we don’t make any difference), and an Italian tomato coulis also known as passata. To spice it up, a few drops of tabasco, thyme, bay leaf, shallot… Are you salivating right now? It’s normal. 

One-pot lamb pasta

This recipe is signed by famous french chef François Piège, so you can go in eyes closed. Because a starred chef does not necessarily mean a complicated recipe. The one-pot, which consists of cooking a dish by cooking all the ingredients in the same pot, is simple by nature. Here, we first cook a few lamb chops that we season with coarse salt, garlic, onions, thyme, rosemary, and Espelette pepper (pronounce it with an accent). Then, you will only have to add the tomato paste, a little white wine, a cube of broth dissolved in water, and, lastly, the spaghetti, after bringing to a boil. 10 minutes later, treat your guests! 

Lamb shoulder in salt crust

Don’t be discouraged by this fancy name, the preparation takes only 5 minutes! In fact, all you have to do is line a casserole with a bed of salt, add a little thinned thyme (get that nice aroma going), then put the lamb shoulder on it. Then, pepper generously, cover completely with salt and sprinkle the surface with the juice of the lemons. The oven will do the rest: after 1h15 of baking at 210°C, a hard crust will have formed around the shoulder. So all that’s left is… to break that crust and have at it! 

Lamb meatballs with herbs

You are spared the moussaka, traditionally prepared with lamb, but you will not escape the meatballs! Because it’s good first of all, but also because it’s easy to do and it gives you an excuse to play with food. Go straight ahead, with bare (and clean) hands, mix meat, peeled and chopped onions, chopped parsley and pine nuts. Shape into balls the size of a large nut. Then, fry them in a casserole dish with butter, oil (why choose?), then simmer for an hour with crushed tomatoes, concentrate, a little water, salt, pepper, and chili, pine nuts, and mint leaves. Bon appétit and Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims of the world!

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Published on 11 August 2019